I wish to acknowledge some amazing books, which are a delight for anyone interested in learning more of Maharajas. Much of the information from this site was gleaned from these pages.

Maharajas’ Jewels
Katherine Prior and John Adamson, Vendrome Press, 2000, ISBN# 0-8565-218-X
This is a fantastic book with large-format photographs of Maharajas and their jewelry. Detailed accounts in a lively text full of insights. A fabulous presentation.

Traditional Jewelry of India
Oppi and Sara Untracht, Harry N. Abrams, 1997, ISBN# 0-8109-3886-3
A very scholarly and detailed account by one of the most celebrated of jewelry authors. It is heavy with photographs taken by the Untrachts themselves. Mughal jewelry is but one chapter in this exhaustive survey.

Treasury of the World
Manuel Keene, Thames and Hudson, 2001, ISBN# 0-500-97608-2
This is a catalog of the Al-Sabah collection in the Kuwait National Museum. It is primarialy a pictoral survey of all the pieces in the collection, which is regarded as one of the world's largest and most complete collections of Mughal Jewelry and decorative objects. The text is short but concise.

Icons in Gold: Jewelry of India
Laurence Mattet, Somogy Art Publisher, 2005, ISBN# 2-85056-891-0
A glossy book written in association with Oppi Untracht. It is a more condensed, but a far less thorough, book than Traditional Jewelry of India, which I prefer.

Maharajas: Resonance from the Past
Charles Allen, Mercury Books, 2005, ISBN# 1-904668-674
A lively text with a delightful foreward by Maharaja Ranjit Sinh Gaekwad. Many of the photos are unique to this book, with unusual insights into the personal lives and habits of Maharajas.